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How do I search the local government directory?

Use our local government directory tool to find information on councils. Read more >> ^

How do I find more information on the GraffitiSTOP funding program?

The Queensland government has committed funding to support the establishment of a GraffitiSTOP hotline and provide grants to assist councils with their graffiti management activities. Read more >> ^

How do I learn more about local government delegations

In practice, in order to enable local governments to focus on strategic issues and reduce the amount of meeting time required, local governments are able to delegate many of those decisions to respond more effectively to the community and provide for timely, consistent decisions to be made. Read more >> ^

How do I learn more about councillors' accountability for ethical and legal behaviour

A councillor must always act with integrity and abide by the law in carrying out local government responsibilities. This is made clear in both the Local Government Act 2009 and the City of Brisbane Act 2010 and their supporting regulations.Read more >> ^

I work for local government

Information for local governments and other government agencies including grants and funding, legislation, capacity building programs, de-amalgamation and community recovery and resilience information


I am a member of the public

Information on how local government works for you, local laws, de-amalgamation, and community recovery and resilience projects